The Stanford Literary Lab — founded in 2010 by Matthew Jockers and Franco Moretti — discusses, designs, and pursues literary research of a digital and quantitative nature. The Lab is open to all students and faculty at Stanford — and, on a more ad hoc basis, to students and faculty from other institutions.

We engage in a variety of projects, ranging from dissertation chapters to individual and group publications, lectures, courses, conference panels, and even short books. Typically, our research takes the form of a group “experiment,” and extends over a period of one or two years. Under “Projects” you will find a list of our current activities, most of which are open to further collaboration; under “People”, a list of those associated with our research. And you can download all our published work under the heading of “Pamphlets”.

At the Lab, all research is collaborative, even when the outcome ends up having a single author. We hold regular group meeting to evaluate the progress of the experiment, the status of existing hypotheses, and the promise [and problems...] of future developments. If you are interested in these meetings, please contact Ryan Heuser: as a rule, visitors are welcome, and hardly a meeting goes by without a handful of skype connections. Occasionally, we have public presentations of our research, which will be announced under “Events”.