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LitLab Members Present at ACH and DH Conferences

Several Lab and individual projects made an appearance at major conferences this summer. At ACH, Francesco Bacci presented on "Conversion Therapy Novels: a Qualitative and Quantitative Genre Study", Quinn Dombrowski presented on DH conference metrics as part of the panel "Digital (Humanities) Trace Data: Critical Approaches to Platforms, APIs, and Metrics for Studying DH Communities", Merve Tekg├╝rler presented with Umar Patel on "Ottoman (Turkish) NLP: Exploring the Application of Contemporary Text Technologies in 18th Century Histories", and Carmen Thong presented on "Scaling to the World: DH as Theorized Method". At DH 2023 in Graz, Quinn Dombrowski and Nichole Nomura presented on the panel "Readers, Tropes, and Translations: Directions for Digital Research into Youth Literature", Nichole on "Young Readers, Textual Difficulty, and Genre", and Quinn on "Wherefore Art Thou Shakespeare: How Identifiable are Shakespeare Adaptations for Young Readers?"