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Lab Day 2024, our annual celebration of lab research and brainstorming session
This Mellon Foundation-funded project explores how the discourse of theory and identity has evolved over the 20th and 21st centuries.
'Castle at the Crossroads: The Gothic and Other Genres' uses supervised modelling techniques to explore the connections of the gothic novel to contemporaneous modes of literary realism.
(How) Are short stories distinguishable from novels? Forthcoming in the Cambridge Companion to the Short Story in Spring 2023!
Pamphlet 17: Popularity/Prestige, the latest in our long-running Pamphlets series.


LitLab Members Present at ACH and DH Conferences

Several Lab and individual projects made an appearance at major conferences this summer.

Literary Criticism and Theory

We finished the year with the first presentation of our Mellon-funded investigation into Literary Theory and Criticism.