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Lit Lab at MLA2020

Attending MLA 2020 in Seattle? Mark your dance cards for these panels and roundtable featuring current Lit Lab researchers, alums, and affiliates. We hope to see you in Seattle!

THURSDAY, 9 January

Session #165: Digital Humanities and Nathaniel Hawthorne

7:00 – 8:15 PM | WSCC – 607

Christopher Glen Diller, Berry College, Presiding

“‘Nor Less Devoted to the Affairs of the Nation’: Using Word Vectors to Model Hawthorne’s Concept of the National,” Erik Fredner, Stanford University.

“Actor-Network Theory and the Hawthorne Digital Archive,” Gale M. Temple, University of Alabama, Birmingham

“The Digital Faun,” Evander Price, Harvard University

FRIDAY, 10 January

Session #340: The Space Between Creative Nonfiction and Literary Criticism: Theorizing, Writing, and Publishing Critical-Creative Hybrids

3:30 – 4:45 | Sheraton – Ravenna AB

Janine M. Utell, Widener University, Presiding,

Lesley Wheeler, Washington and Lee University

Heather McNaugher, Chatham University

Annette Federico, James Madison University

Anna Mukamal, Stanford University

Melody Nixon, University of California, Santa Cruz

Susannah B. Mintz, Skidmore College

Session #369: Public Victorians

2:20 – 4:45 | WSCC—620

Renee Fox, University of California, Santa Cruz, Presiding

Elizabeth Meadows, Vanderbilt University, Presiding

Sheila Cordner, Boston University

Bridget Draxler, St. Olaf College

Abigail Droge, University of California, Santa Barbara

Christie Harner, Dartmouth College

Teresa Mangum, University of Iowa

Danielle Spratt, California State University, Northridge

SATURDAY, 11 January

Session #582: Models of Enlightenment Knowledge

3:30 – 4:45 | WSCC – 614

Ryan Heuser, King’s College, Cambridge, Presiding

“Decentering Knowledge,” Mark Algee-Hewitt, Stanford University

“Mapping Knowledge and Mapping Rome in Piranesi,” Jeanne Britton, University of South Carolina, Columbia

“At One View,” Collin Jennings, Miami University, and Seth Rudy, Rhodes College

SUNDAY, 12 January

Session # 698: Computational Criticism and Critical Thoery

10:15 – 11:30 | WSCC – Chelan 2

Ted Underwood, University of Illinois, Urbana Champagne, Presiding

“Beyond Distance, Beyond Theory,” Lauren Klein, Emory University

“Difference and Data,” Richard Jean So, McGill University

“Method, Meet Theory,” Laura B. McGrath, Stanford University

Jonathan Arac, University of Pittsburgh, Respondent

Session #721: Function of American Literary Criticism at the Present Time

12:00-1:15 | WSCC – 607

Mark Grief, Stanford University, Presiding

“American Literary Catastrophism,” Anna Brickhouse, University of Virginia

“Form and Method in American Literary Criticism,” Paul D. Giles, University of Sydney

“After Post-Marxism: American Readings of Capital,” Colleen Lye, University of California, Berkeley

“The Function of Criticism as Poesis,” Ramon Saldivar, Stanford University

Session # 774: Contemporary Economies of Prestige

1:45 – 3:00 | WSCC – 607

Laura B. McGrath, Stanford University

Kinohi Nishikawa, Prineton University

Alexander Manshel, McGill University

Rebecca L. Walkowitz, Rutgers University, New Brunswick

Priya Joshi, Temple University

James F. English, University of Pennsylvania, Respondent

Are you a Lit Lab affiliate, alum, or current researcher who would like to be included in our MLA roundup? Email